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Around The Way App Helps Blacks Buy Black

Around The Way

What if your smartphone could help you give back and buy Black? The Around The Way app is a free app designed to help you locate Black-owned businesses in your community. The idea for the app came from a young woman by the name of Janine Hausif. In an interview with BET, Hausif discussed her desire for African Americans to succeed by supporting Black communities and businesses.

The Around The Way app allows users to locate Black-owned businesses by using their smartphone’s GPS location. The app also allows users to set their cities location in the settings menu, and from there individuals are able to view a list of businesses in their area. The selection of businesses range from
Banks, ATMs, Restaurants, Beauty Salons, Barber Shops, and Health and Wellness just to name a few.

According to Nielsen
, consumers are spending more time using their smartphones, with an average monthly time of 34 hours and 21 minutes per user. Among those consumers, African Americans ages 18 to 34 spend the most time using their smartphones, with individuals from ages 25 to 34 leading with 53 percent.

While you are surfing the web on your smartphones, download the Around The Way app so you can help support and give back to the Black companies in your community.

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