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Fade 2 Success School Supply Drive

The Fade-A-Way Cutz Barber Shop & Salon is spearheading the Fade2Success initiative in which they’re encouraging individuals in the community to donate school supplies for the upcoming 2014 – 2015 school year. The goal is to provide these materials to the children of the Boys and Girls Center of Hope at Thomasville. If you would like to support the Fade2Success initiative you may do so by sending or bringing supplies to two locations: Fade-A-Way Cutz Barber Shop and Salon, 1120 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd. #3, Atlanta, GA 30310 and The Good Hair Shop, 2001 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. SW, Suite 100, Atlanta, GA 30310. Let’s support our communities children in going back to school!

African American Women Lead In Education Rates For Degrees Conferred

African American women rank number one in education rates for degrees conferred at degree-granting institutions. According to the National Center for Education Statistics’ 1999-2000 to 2009-10 report, “women earned the majority of degrees at all levels in 2009–10. For example, among U.S. residents, Black females earned 68 percent of associate’s degrees, 66 percent of bachelor’s degrees, 71 percent of master’s degrees, and 65 percent of all doctor’s degrees awarded to Black students” (

Lynda Howington is a photography student at Georgia State University in Atlanta. After many years she has decided to return to school to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Photography with a minor in African American Studies. Currently, she is in her second semester at Georgia State. Howington discusses her love for photography, her decision to return to school after retirement and explains the process of what she has learned in the photography program.

Lynda Howington Photography Student from C. Murray on Vimeo.