Camille is a writer, producer, videographer and editor. She started working in film and television in 2007 and attended the Art Institute in Atlanta, Georgia. She then transferred to Georgia State University and completed the bachelor’s degree program, receiving her bachelor’s degree in Film and Video with a minor in African American Studies. In 2014 she completed the master’s degree program at Full Sail University and received a degree in New Media Journalism. While studying and researching her culture and acquiring a more in-depth insight on the African diaspora, she decided to find ways to help uplift and rebuild the African American Community.

Throughout history African Americans have been bombarded by negative stereotypical images and sentiments about their race and culture. Camille’s passion for African American studies prompted her to start a blog entitled Black Expansion, in which she discusses topics and issues that affect her community. She covers matters such as domestic violence, health, education, economic empowerment and business within the Black community. According to Nielsen, a universal measurement company, it is estimated that African American’s spend $1 trillion dollars a year on goods and services. Thus suggesting that if Blacks comprised a country, it would be the 16th largest in the world.

The motivation for this website is to discuss, create, and provide solutions to encourage African Americans to support Black communities and establishments in an effort to reintegrate revenue into their communities and enterprises.

Thanks for visiting Black Expansion and if there’s a topic that you would like to see discussed, please feel free to contact Camille. You can also follow Black Expansion on Twitter and Facebook.